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    Authentic Tribute

    “Close to You” give authentic tribute to Carpenters By Hollis Gorski Arlington Heights Community Member Oct. 15 at 10:07 a.m. The music of the ‘70s is often defined by the disco beats of the Bee Gees and Donna Summer, or the guitar riffs of Led Zeppelin and The Eagles. But one band carved a new […]


    Daily Times

    Lisa Rock to rock the music of Karen Carpenter Daily Times June 8, 2014 Singer-songwriter Lisa Rock and Justin Boller perform during a recent concert of “Close to You: the Music of The Carpenters.” The music of Karen and Richard Carpenter will be celebrated Friday when Rock and her six-piece band perform a tribute to the […]


    ‘Close to You’

    ‘Close to You’ recalls Carpenters Fairmont sentinel October 8, 2013 FAIRMONT – “Long ago and oh so far away, I fell in love with you …” Karen Carpenter sang in the song “Superstar.” How true that is for many of her fans. Carpenter died 30 years ago, but a group of Chicago musicians are aiming […]


    Lacrosse Tribune

    It’s ‘Yesterday Once More’ at Carpenters tribute show Lacrosse Tribune March 17, 2013 “On the day that you were born, the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true …” That’s exactly how Lisa Rock feels about Karen Carpenter. In her tribute show “Close to You,” Rock is connecting with the person […]

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    A Carpenters Christmas

    A Carpenters Christmas (4 out 5 Stars) Around the Town Chicago December 18, 2012 Many of my age group fell in love with Karen Carpenter during her years on TV and recording some great music. We all know the struggles she had with what we were told was an “eating disorder” that took her life […]


    Around the Town Chicago

    “Close To You” Follow-up/Review Around the Town Chicago October 23, 2010 ( highly recommended) As a follow-up to my recent story/interview with Lisa Rock about her cabaret show, “Close To You: The Music of The Carpenters”, I would like to report that I attended this special night at The Metropolis Performing Arts Center in Arlington […]


Meet the band behind the music

  • Lisa

    Lisa Rock

    Lisa Rock has been performing to sold-out crowds for years. She’s written more than 15 original concerts and cabarets that have been seen...

  • Amy

    Amy Malouf

    Amy is extremely honored to be a part of Close to You: Music of the Carpenters. She has been seen as...

  • Justin

    Justin Boller

    Justin has performed extensively throughout the Chicago area in numerous rock bands, brass quintets, orchestras, musical...

  • Eric

    Eric Engelson

    A self taught musician since the age of 3, Eric turned his passion into his profession five years ago. Though his home is...

  • Dave

    Dave Orlicz

    Performs regularly throughout the Chicago area. He plays primarily with jazz and theatre groups at venues that include...

  • Micky

    Micky York

    An award-winning musical director, composer and designer whose work has been seen in theatres throughout the Chicagoland area...

  • Ken

    Ken McMullen

    A professional musician in the Chicago area performing theatre and cabaret shows for numerous venues...

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Greetings, I just wanted to share this Peanuts Music Video Parody I made. I take different clips from the Peanuts TV specials, and arrange them, so it looks like they're playing a certain song. I thought you might like this video. They play "Close To You" by The Carpenters. Here's the link to my video on my YouTube channel: (www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoALOgT4O9U). You will also find many other Peanuts Music Video Parodies on my YouTube channel along with many other Peanuts Music Video Parodies, with much more on the way. Any way hope you enjoy this Peanuts Music Parody, and please share this video with others, thanks!!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Our show this Friday, October 9 at 7:30 PM still has some tickets left. Proceeds from the show will benefit many of their mission projects including the Palatine Food Pantry. We will be donating proceeds from our CD sales as well to support this cause near and dear to us!

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Happy Birthday to Karen's dear, dear friend, Olivia Newton-John! ... See MoreSee Less

#HappyBirthday, Olivia Newton-John! The Australian singer, who will be forever known as Sandy from the beloved movie musical 'Grease,' turns 67 today. Grease is the word... ow.ly/SH2B6

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DAY BY DAY OF BRAZILIAN CARPENTERS' VISIT (ENGLISH VERSION) Sunday - November 1st, 1981 I arrived at the Rio de Janeiro International Airport 4 hours before the flight, which was coming from Paris bringing Karen & Richard Carpenter, landed on Brazilian grounds. K&R were to come in a charter flight, the luxurious supersonic Air France Concord at that time. I roamed up & down the airport wearing a Brazilian Carpenters Friends Club shirt, which carried the hand-painted club logo ( we hadn’t got enough members to afford silk-screen work then ). Despite the simplicity of that shirt, it turned out to be the most effective way for me to be spotted there. After all the promotion on the radio and local papers on The Carpenters’ arrival in Rio, I suggested everybody should meet the fan club president (me) at the airport observation deck. Little by little people started coming to me and I was fortunate to get to know some of them who were only familiar to me through mail. There were even brand new fans to the club who happened to be there because of the radio promotion. As time went by the group was growing bigger and bigger,and when we least expected it, we were over 50 people waiting for Richard & Karen. At last the hands of time reached the so expected hour, 3 P.M. , and I remember being the first one to spot the Concorde plane from afar. A huge fuss broke through the observation deck. I recall many people coming to us to ask who we were waiting for, and many of them frantically joined us as soon as they got to know that we were to welcome the Carpenters in their first Brazilian trip .That was a way too special moment for everyone who was standing there. We didn’t even know if we’d actually get to see Richard & Karen, because it’s not usual for big celebrities to leave through the main arrival gate. We waited for the Concorde to be the closest to the unboarding gates so that when the folded bridge was to reach its door in order to lead its passengers into the baggage claim area, we rushed to the gates. Less than five minutes later there we all were, in perfect readiness awaiting for R&K to appear before our eyes. Extreme anxiety was what we all were experiencing, because while we were standing there, R&K could be right leaving through one of the security side gates. Over 40 minutes dragged by and when we least expected it, I saw someone in an orange shirt who I thought to be Richard. When I was to say that, someone by my side yelled, "Look ! That’s Richard", confirming my supposition. Right after that Karen came out wearing a gorgeous sweatshirt on which you could read "The Sound Of Music". K&R were being escorted by a large group of people, but none of them were the members of the band. It took them 15 minutes to go through customs, leave that area and finally come to us. We were waiting for R&K holding a bunch of flowers and were really excited. The moment the gates opened, I was the first to rush to Karen and introduced myself as the Brazilian Carpenters Friends' Club President. I do remember her first words to me when we shook hands : "Oh, good... Very Good..." . I just couldn’t resist the temptation and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was even more thrilling when I saw that very moment was being taped by Globo Channel ( The main TV network in our country ). But what took the cake was seeing all those scenes all over again on the following Globo Sunday Evening Prime-Time news. K&R walked along the airport main halls with all those thrilled excited fans running and hoping around them. The commotion around Karen was bigger than the one around Richard, so much that the reporters and their cameras could only reach Karen when she was already inside the car. There was an outstanding aggravation happening as the fans weren’t sure if they should rush to Richard or to Karen. Flash lights were sparkling from all around and we were really walking on clouds. A brand-new single lifetime experience to all of us... It took just few minutes for K&R to cross the whole airport main hall and get into the Galaxy LTD Landau. They were about to leave when I ran along side the car, what caused certain discomfort to its chauffeur. As soon as I noticed that, I stopped and let them go, because I knew my greatest adventure was just about to start. So we stood there while the car faded away on the long highway that led to the airport. When we finally got our acts together, many people had already left, staying there only those who truly enjoyed The Carpenters. That was when the Friends’ Club reborn again. Everyone was willing to know what The Carpenters would be doing here in Brazil and I gave them all the information I was aware of. At that very moment the new Friends Club board was rising, with Silvia Helena Gomes as a vice-president and Eliane Vaccari as the general manager. English Version by Johnny do Valle (In Memorian)

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